Innovation Velocity – Developing Agile Innovation Leadership through Gaming (via InnovoFlow – Freedoms to Innovate)

Accept the Absurd game cardI’ve been working – on and off – with an exciting startup in London called Innovoflow PLC. They have a fascinating view of innovation and the necessity for development of a supporting ecosystem (i.e., framework) in organizations. They have developed an “innovative” way to help executives and other stakeholders better understand how this works using business gaming. This creates a safe and effective way to learn more about innovation and to experiment with ways that the pieces fit together to permeate enterprise culture and to create lasting value.

I’m pleased be permitted to re-blog one of their early posts describing some of the theory and mechanics of this approach. For more information including an excellent white paper or to contact my friend and sometimes colleague/partner Simon Evans, please visit

Innovation Velocity – Developing Agile Innovation Leadership through Gaming

Celebrity Endorsement game cardThe Problem with Innovation

It is a truism that armies tend to continue to fight their last war and need to go through bitter learning experiences before they can understand and adapt to the new, emergent rules of conflict.  Present innovation thinking is constrained by legacy successes achieved within a context of unsustainable economic market growth patterns and obsolete models.
This recession is heightening a natural fear of risk and failure, which combined with a perception of increasing innovation difficulty (as highlighted by the Boston Consulting Group reviews in the past couple of years), is encouraging management caution toward innovation. This is reducing leaders’ ability to recognise, understand and manage the full range of options available, and this is slowing the pace of innovation (innovation velocity).
We need some new tools to help us deliver approaches to innovation that better suit the emerging realities of the 21st century environment.

Introducing Gaming as a Tool

We propose to use gaming as a tool in this context… Read More
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